Center for Neurosurgery Las Vegas

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

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The Center for Neurosurgery Las Vegas is a leading neurosurgery practice in Las Vegas Nevada led by boardcertified neurosurgeon Scott Glickman DO FACOS Dr Glickman and the team at the Center for Neurosurgery Las Vegas believe the forefront of medicine is not only what was learned yesterday but also what they strive to discover tomorrow They embrace the philosophies of osteopathic allopathic and integrative medicine as a component of care by incorporating holistic methods patientcentered care and a multidisciplinary approach to neurosurgical problems Neurological and neurosurgical conditions and the need for operative interventions often burden both patients and families The team at the Center for Neurosurgery Las Vegas prides themselves on straightforward explanations and a direct approach to the best routes of care as well as goals and likely outcomes Their expert team can help patients with a wide range of conditions including brain aneurysms brain tumors herniated discs spine tumors degenerative disc disease meningiomas and more With their expertise in minimally invasive spine surgery and minimally invasive brain surgery along with innovative treatments like deep brain stimulation the exceptional team at the Center for Neurosurgery Las Vegas is recognized as preferred regional neurosurgical providers The highly experienced team takes osteopathic principles seriously and will consider the whole patient as well as their specific problems in order to make the best plan of care in the most timely fashion to do what is best for the patientTo partner with the best in neurological and neurosurgical care call the Center for Neurosurgery Las Vegas today or request an appointment online to speak to the team
Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

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